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My name is Félix Fuenzalida, founder of Mahamudra Movement and I feel happy and honored to have you here.

Here you will get access to all my Online Programs, Private Services, Events and more. If you want to know more about me you can click on the link below. If you come to Saint-Tropez, France, you can reserve a private or a group class/training during your stay.

Online Training & Programs

Private Coaching

Retreats & Workshops

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Online Guided Meditation & Pranayama instruction and practice

Includes: Weekly online meditation classes for all levels. 30 minutes duration.

Price: €20 euros monthly fee (check for plans)

Pre-Recorded classes pack

Includes: 12 Yoga classes, 12 bodyweight trainings, 12 Breathwork instruction, 12 guided Meditation practices.

Price: €48 euros (1 time only)

Online Personal Coaching

Includes: Complete coaching program to help you get the results you want.

Price: €50 euros monthly fee (check for plans)

Strong Yogi Program

Includes: Training program for Yoga practitioners that want to develop strength and bodyweight control.

Price: €90 euros (1 time only)

4 Elements Coaching

Includes: 6 months Life Coaching program using NLP together with the 4 elements symbolism from Shamanism and Tibetan Tantra traditions to transform your life and make your dreams become a reality.

Price: €450 euros (1 time only)

Events, Workshops & Retreats

Online Workshop: Buddhist Philosophy

Learn the teachings of Buddha and the CORE meditation practice.

Strong Yogi Workshop: Bologna 2021

Develop physical and mental strength to boost your Yoga practice.

Inner Silence Retreat: Saint Tropez 2021

4 days of silence and connection with yourself in the south of France.

YogaFit Lifestyle Retreat: Corsica 2021

6 days of Yoga, Fitness and vegetarian food retreat in Corsica.

Boost your life for success and happiness

With great pleasure I present you my new ebook: YogaFit routine to rock your day

By following a simple 5 step program, you will learn how to combine any kind of movement practice (Yoga, bodyweight training, functional training), together with breathwork and meditation; to accumulate energy, focus your mind and stay mentally and physically fit to get the results you deserve in any area of your life.

Download today my FREE EBOOK and start rocking your day with healthy habits to boost your life for success and happiness!

What we think, we become.


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