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My name is Félix Fuenzalida, founder of StrongYogi and I feel happy and honored to have you here.

Here you will get access to all my Online Programs, Personal Coaching, Events and more. If you want to know more about me you can click on the link below. If you come to Saint-Tropez, France, you can reserve a private or a group class/training during your stay.

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Online Personal Coaching

If you are a motivated and autonomous person looking for the best personalized training program, then this is exactly for you. I will craft the best of the movement, breathwork and meditation techniques to help you reach your goals.

Life Coaching

People that want to make the difference, start by investing in themselves. The Life Coaching service is only for those 100% committed to their goals and are willingly to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. If this is you, I invite you to see how to start to work with me ASAP.

Boost your life for success and happiness

YogaFit routine to rock your day

By following a simple 5 step program, you will learn how to combine any kind of movement practice (Yoga, bodyweight training, functional training), together with breathwork and meditation; to accumulate energy, focus your mind and stay mentally and physically fit to get the results you deserve in any area of your life.

Download today this FREE EBOOK and start rocking your day with healthy habits to boost your life for success and happiness!

What does my clients say?

Loreto Torrijos

Excelente entrenador, nos entrenó a mi y a mi marido y logró motivarnos muchísimo sobre todo cuando vimos que obteníamos resultados. En mi vida jamás me gustó el deporte, sin embargo disfruté como nunca saltar la cuerda o hacer pesas rusas. Sentimos mucho su partida de Chile, estamos seguros que le irá increíble donde esté.

Frederic Jochem

Namaste 🙏
Felix is a Fantastic Teacher!
Very deep practice: gentle yet strong.
Clear energy flow through out the practice.
Love the sequences: creative and imaginative yet inspired by the traditional schools of yoga.
Thank you

Carolina Guzman

Outstanding coach who taught me how to train my body with excellent results! Very fan of his life full of wisdom and knowledge, I have learned so many good things from him! Totally recommended!!!

Sara Elleni

A Félix a été au top pendant 6 mois après ma deuxième grossesse. J’ai pu récupérer la forme physique et le goût du sport tout en étant chez moi. Il m’a enseigne à être autonome et surtout à aimer toutes les activité es qui font souffrir 😂😂 Merci encore Félix 😉