Finding your Purpose

Let me tell you one thing, I didn’t really lived meaningfully until I found out the purpose of my own existence. 

Real motivation starts when you start living up your dreams. 

Which may mean that you will have to quit a lot of things in your life. Maybe is time to quit your job, your current relationship, leave the city you live in, change completly your paradigm of what is life for you.

And the truth is that everyone has moments in their life, where everything seems to converge and make this kind of decisions. Sometimes is a conscious, friendly, kind and even enjoyable, but sometimes is harsh, raw, painfully, or misunderstood for yourself or for the people around you.

Change is the only constant we have in life, its up to you how you live it.

My life changed when I decided to love myself.

After several years of internal work, I found out that what made me happy was to work for others, to be a co-creator of a life with purpose for all those who would want to live a deeper and meaningful life.

So if this words make sense to you, if you are seeking for a change in your life, I leave you the chance to get in touch with me and start working together, for the life you want and deserve to have.

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The year 2008 was the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and development that marks Felix’s life forever.

It is through a book by Carlos Castaneda, «Relatos de Poder», that the meaning of «Warrior’s Way» is revealed to him in his life. Concepts such as; the impeccability, the stalking of the mind or the art of dreaming, resonates deep within him, and it is with these shamanic stories that Felix gets for the first time, clarifications on the purpose of his life and on how to live it.

This impelled him to deepen and discover knowledge different from what the «world» offered, and gradually, he let himself be carried away by a different force that lay in his heart. Thanks to this, he had contact with Shamans from the Condor’s Lineage, in the south of Chile, in the Cordillera de los Andes, from whom he received training for 6 years in various techniques with the 4 elements to purify, protect, nourish and expand the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

It was at this same time that he met a couple of  Lamas from Nepal, from the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, Drikung Kagyu, with whom he worked for 4 years assisting them in their various daily missions but also as interpreter, translator , organizer and moderator of workshops and retreats of Buddhist philosophy and meditation.

«All of these experiences were rooted in me and led me to a personal crisis: I realized that I had to change and dedicate myself professionally to an activity that was for the good and the service of others, since this fills my heart and gives a deep sense to my own life.»

In parallel, Felix trained in Leadership and Coaching, becoming a Life Coach in 2010. But it was 2012, when he decided to take complete responsibility for the change he wanted for himself. He was feeling a void in his professional development, after 8 years in Marketing, Design and Advertising, and had the feeling of being dead in life, bored and above all mediocre. This filled him with determination and the first change he made was to train his body rigorously. Little by little this activity began to fill all the gaps he felt and two years later, he sees the benefits of the training, on a transformation of his physical body. He becomes a Certified CrossFit Coach, and starts working in one of the first CrossFit academies in Santiago. «Through physical training and the path I had chosen, I discovered that motivation, perseverance and resilience are keys to anything we want to do.» By the end of 2015, he created a brand of personal training at home, called ChicureoFit, where he successfully worked until early 2018 to make way for a long trip.

«Constancy and determination was my engine to believe and fulfill my dream of creating my first business, working on what I love and focus on the present moment.»

While everything seemed to be going well, there was still something to be achieved: bringing together; creativity, work and spiritual call. During these moments, in 2017, that at the suggestion of some friends, Felix began to practice yoga to generate greater flexibility of the body. The encounter with yoga, for a completely physiological reason, almost naturally occupied the empty space of the union he sought. And it is not so anecdotal, since the word «Yoga» means «to unite». He decides to study it intensively by following a 500-hour training course in Chile. He introduces himself to Asanas (postures) and Vinyasas (transitions), to Pranayamas (breathing techniques), to yogic meditation, to methodology of teaching, to posture correction, to anatomy, to philosophy and vegetarian and ayurvedic diets.

«Yoga helps me improve my flexibility, control and body awareness, but more deeply, it is a door, with which my body and my mind relax and I can get into deep meditation.»

It is in this context that Felix feels ready to discover new horizons. In 2018, he prepares his suitcases and leaves his country to work abroad, to test himself and open up to new experiences, new places and new people. He arrived in Tulum, Mexico, where he lived for 5 months and had the rewarding experience of teaching yoga and meditation in renowned hotels.

«In the Mayan jungle, I entered into myself, I had a rebirth, I felt like a child of the earth, I used and applied each of the spiritual teachings I learned, every day I was grateful for these gifts received in the Caribbean Sea and it remains engraved in my heart as a sacred treasure.»

When we leave the comfort zone, a lot of things happen. The majority escaping our control, there, we learn to act with ourselves (our fears, the limits of our minds…), differently than when we are at home. This flow, accompanied by the perseverance and vision acquired several years ago, guided me to the south of France, to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, to continue to make my dreams a reality. To share the teachings of the Andes and Tibet, practice yoga and strengthen our body, encourage positive change and accompany people in meeting with them and their purpose in life.

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