Join the revolution of movement!

Discover a new way to move and connect with your body and mind.

We are committed to make your life better with our distinctive methodology that combines Vinyasa Yoga, Functional Training and Calisthenics.

We offer group classes and private coaching sessions for all levels in all Saint-Tropez area.

Move and follow your heart. Until you reach the center of your very own self.

Meet your Coach

YogaFit Saint-Tropez is founded by Félix Fuenzalida, coach & entrepreneur living in the south of France since 2019.

Coaching individuals, groups and organizations since 2010, in the pursuit of a better lifestyle.

«I curated this training method, to answer to the growing need in our society to connect in a healthier way with our body and mind. I want to help people to develop physical and spiritual fitness by training all these different aspects as one.»

Holistic Training Method

Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is specially your own. Bruce Lee

Functional Training

Develop the foundations of strength and a correct body alignment. Increase your stamina and power.

Power Vinyasa Yoga

Explore new movement patterns with a powerful practice that will challenge you and fill you with energy.

Slow Flow Yoga

Increase your body awareness and flexibility with a slow paced flow to relax body, mind and spirit.


Learn the secrets of a focused and clear mind. Connect with yourself and feel the awe of a peaceful life.

Classes & Activities


Available for Private class.


Available for Private class.


Available for Private class.


Available for Private class.


Available for Private class.


Available for Private class.

*Group classes and workshops open according to availability.

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Pricing & Reservations

Group Classes

Drop-In Class: 20 euros

Happy pack (8 classes): 120 euros

Relax pack (16 classes): 190 euros

Private Coaching

Please contact us to get more information about prices, availability and other details.


+33 6 83 72 13 33 |

Terms & Conditions

  1. Happy pack is valid for 45 days.
  2. Relax pack is valid for 90 days.
  3. Outdoor classes and activities may change according to weather conditions.

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