yoga for men

Win mobility, increase performance, reduce pain and prevent injuries!

For men who want to stay young, strong and flexible!

strength mobility flexibility training

An improved mobility = A better life

The capacity to move and flow, to be aware and connected to our body, is what gives us the feeling of well being and fitness

Yoga for men is a balanced practice that focuses on strength and flexibility gain, together with transitions and postures that raises our awareness and energy levels.

It will help us prevent injuries, relief from physical pain and restore our testosterone levels to increase our performance, improve our sexual life, boost our confidence and learn to be in a “zen state of mind” throughout the day.

Who is this for?

Athletes and fitness advocates that wish to balance their physical training to improve flexibility and performance.

Men over 30 that want to shape their body and win confidence to boost their personal and professional life.

Men over 45 that need to release stress, balance their life and reconnect in a healthy way with their body.

Because the perfect warrior is the one that is ready for everything and yet is able to remain still under the chaos of life.

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Mindful Breathing = Inner peace!

We all need to find a small measure of peace

Enjoy the transformational experience of mindful breathing after a solid physical practice

Do you need to learn how to manage stress, anger or frustration? As men we tend to put a lot of weight over our shoulders because “we have to be strong enough”, that is part of how we take responsibility over our family and work, but we don’t really know exactly how to get rid off those negative emotions.

With simple yet powerful breathing practice after the physical training we are able to lower those negative emotions and even transform them to generate more patience and real silence in our minds.

Be like a bamboo, it bends but doesn’t break, it is flexible yet firmly rooted

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