Mahamudra Movement

Mahamudra Movement is a method and a lifestyle to achieve happiness and success. Our name is inspired by the Tibetan Buddhism concept of «Mahamudra»; which aims on reaching spiritual enlightenment through meditation in emptiness. «Movement» refers to the natural force of constant change and cycles, that is present in every aspect of life, therefore we can say «Life is movement».

By connecting deep within our consciousness, together with an integral method of physical training, we can discover an endless source of energy, to stay always present, focused, and ready to act according to the needs of each time. We can reach every goal, lower our stress levels, avoid negative emotions and destructive behaviors, and reach a «state of success and happiness».

Our objective is to empower you with positive energy, so you can work for your purpose and dreams, with health, motivation and awareness, that will drive you to success, happiness and boost your leadership skills.

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Mahamudra Movement is an integral training program, divided in three steps, made for people who want to take on challenges, and want to be successful and happy.

Step #1 – The Warrior

This tailored program mixes Yoga, bodyweight training and functional training, teaching you integral movement patterns, to develop your overall health and fitness. You will reach your aesthetic goals, win strength, flexibility, power and balance.

Other benefits are, improved efficiency and productivity, improvement in your sexual life (self-esteem, performance, health), increase of motivation and positive mindset, increased creativity, warrior like focus and an organic development of your overall fitness.

Step #2 The Calm

You will learn how to breathe correctly, to bring yourself into a positive and calm state of mind. This will boost your everyday life, will help you stay centered and clear, even under heavy storms.

With «mindful breathing», you will transform your emotional-thought behavioral patterns, and empower your goals and purposes, in any area of your life. (work, finances, entrepreneurship, family, relationships, creativity, artistic expression, personal development and spiritual growth).

Step #3 The Diamond

You will be guided into a simple and effective way to meditate, so you can receive all the benefits of this practice. Gaining a crystal-clear sharp mind, like a polished diamond, now capable of reaching higher states of consciousness, which will bring you wisdom and integrity.

This will help you awaken your hidden potential as a successful and inspiring leader; positive, accountable, reliable, self-motivated, risk-taker, empathic, relationship-builder, patient and equanimity.

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Why Yoga?

Some time ago I started practicing Yoga for various reasons. But every time I practiced, would let me with more hungry to learn more about this discipline. So just for having a deeper learning, decided to make a Teacher Training, in order to really get myself involved.

Of course there were more reasons than just curiosity, and later the practice and the teacher training process, opened new viewpoints of understanding, of myself and Yoga. In fact I never thought of myself on becoming a Yoga Teacher, but life and its constant flux, just made it happen, which resulted into a very deep gratification, being able to connect with other people in a completly different way, as I was used to do as a Fitness Coach. Also, the practice itself changed, not just by doing it for myself, but for sharing it to others, which gave me a rich feeling of gratitude.

The day I started to practice Yoga, was specifically for developing more flexibility. Because I was seeing that this was a big difficulty that interfered with my overall fitness training, my body was stiff, which was not really pleasent, and by following a good friend’s suggestion, in order to avoid future injuries, specially in the back area, I started by doing Sun Salutations (Suryanamaskar)everyday.

When you start working out and being more conscious about your own body, you start learning about your own anatomy, and you can discover that we are build through chains of systems that interact and connect to each other, in order to function correctly. Seems obvious, but normally we don’t have this kind of awareness when «moving», so by our own mistakes and lack of body-consciousness, and also because of bad coaching, we injury ourselves, and this may result into having to stop our training, depression and sometimes, having worst injuries, without turning back to a normal condition.

So, I started to practice Yoga, which was specifically about flexibility. But later, as my practice continued I discovered that it could also develop my strength and control over my own movements. And this really amazed me, because I was used to one kind of training, and this opened my eyes into a better understanding of my body and mind, strengths, weaknesses and new abilities like balance, inversions, etc.

Also I learnt new ways to move my body, that opened my creativity and connection to it. Suddenly, training was way beyond repetitions and progressions and weights, it was more about connecting, understanding, reaching, opening and closing, stretching, focusing not only in movement, but also in my breathing, my eyes, the intention of where and how I gaze, the rythm and speed. It started to become less about control and more about letting go, acceptance and self awareness.

My most precious thing I have been learning and developing is about being always in balance.

Because Yoga is about finding your center, and expand from and through it. And this can be applied to anything, like our job, relationships, food, fun, etc.

Of course what can you expect from a 5000 years old discipline? Non the less. But for me, Yoga, even if I wanted to practice it for physical aspects, was also a way to link the spiritual development together with the rest of my life, like putting together the puzzle.

And it was a good decision, because I learnt that originally, Yoga was created by ancient spiritual seekers to able their bodies endure long hours of meditation. Even in Buddhist text you can find evidence, that taking care of our physical condition was a priority in order to accomplish more advanced spiritual states.

This gave me other kind of motivation for my personal practice (Sadhana), and finally I felt that by following this path I could master myself in all areas, that as a world citizen from the XXI century, I look forward to accomplish, by creating a lifestyle of success and wisdom, happiness and consciousness.

From here on, I invite you to explore and find your way to develop as a complete human being. Why? Because is nice and fun. Because you will discover more about you than in any other activity our society has to offer.

One way to be in balance is to recover and practice the old knowledge that was left by our ancestors before us, while embracing the world we are creating today, finding the center in between technology and nature. Not for us, but for the good of our future generations.


El deporte en mi vida

Desde pequeño el deporte estuvo presente en mi vida. Recuerdo cuando tenia 5 años y mi abuela me hacía saltar lo más alto posible mientras repetía las tablas de multiplicar en el aire. Y le agradezco profundamente que lo haya hecho, porque me ayudo a desarrollar mi pensamiento abstracto desde muy joven.

Luego en el colegio tenía deportes como el futbol, rugby, atletismo y cross country. Y a los 16 conocí el «Hankido», arte marcial koreana el cual practiqué por 3 años.

Entre los 20 y los 30 años conocí diversas disciplinas marciales, como el Tai chi, Ninjutsu, Muay thai. Aunque nunca profundicé demasiado en ellas, me han ayudado muchísimo para mantenerme en mi centro independiente de la situación por la que esté pasando en cada momento. Y una que otra caída que una voltereta asimilada me ha salvado de alguna fractura o lesión mayor.

El punto de quiebre lo tuve a eso de los 26 años, en que salí a tomar el bus y este ya estaba saliendo y tuve que correr unos 100 metros a toda velocidad para alcanzarlo y ¡no lo conseguí!

Mi frustración fue enorme, no solo por que había perdido el bus, sino por que siendo tan joven me encontraba en un estado de salud deplorable que en un estado de urgencia podría haber sido de vida o muerte.

El año 2012 tomé la decisión de hacer ejercicio y asimilarlo como una forma de vida, ya no más eso de comenzar y ni durar un mes, ni solo dejarlo como un proyecto sin ser realizado. Quería generar un cambio real.

En ese momento estaba con varias ocupaciones y los recursos eran escasos, entonces pagar algun gimnasio o academia me era imposible.

Pensé así: «No necesito pagar dinero para correr o hacer unos cuantos abdominales, sólo la motivación de hacerlo»

Entonces armé un programa y comence a entrenar 2 veces al día en el jardín. Era simple, repetir ejercicios que ya había aprendido años atrás.

Lo más dificil de esto en verdad era salir del sofá después de mi trabajo o cuando hacía mucho frio. Creo que desde que comencé, pensé en desistir unas 1000 veces al día, cada vez que me tocaba entrenar de acuerdo a mi programa.

Youtube y sus videos de motivación me ayudaron para automotivarme. Ponía la canción de Rocky y me mentalizaba. Entonces cuando había terminado lo único que quedaba era una enorme sensación de gratitud hacia mí mismo, por haberme vencido a mí mismo ese día.

Persistí unos 6 meses y cuando estaba llegando a un punto de aburrimiento descubrí el Crossfit. Fui a una clase de prueba y tuve la sensación de que esa no sería la última vez que estaría ahí.

Ahora ya he cumplido casi 2 años de haber integrado el ejercicio físico en mi vida, he visto como mis metas se han concretado, he vivido la sensación de estar pleno y despierto, con mi cuerpo al 100% de sí. Y principalmente he aprendido que esto es el resultado de la motivación para comenzar y la fuerza de voluntad para persistir.

Mis metas físicas las he ido concretando paso a paso y algunas en menor tiempo del que tenía planeado.

No importa que es lo que hagas, ya sea un deporte, un estilo de danza o arte marcial. Hacer deporte es lo mejor que le puedes hacer a tu cuerpo y es lo mejor que le puedes enseñar a hacer a tu mente.

Aún hay más metas por cumplir, el 2014 se viene aún mejor. Hay más marcas por mejorar y hay más personas con quienes compartir y apoyar en su proceso personal.