A Fitness Nomad in Tulum

I was in Chile having a successful job as personal trainer but I felt something was missing. I had this deep feeling of travelling and see for myself, how could be to travel and work as a fitness coach in other country, in a beautiful and magical place, close to the sea, and surrounded by nature. I really thought about doing this for a long time, and after a year, I threw myself to the experience.

This article is meant for anyone who is wanting to do the same. Maybe you watched a motivating video in your instagram, or maybe you have a friend that is doing it too. Maybe you feel you have accomplished almost everything society wanted from you, and now you are looking for a change. Something more sintonized with your spirit.

The reasons can be multiple, only you know what is better for you. So I will just leave part of my experience here, so it serves to you.

Why Tulum?

Many people asked me when I was already there. I would say, that it was a mixture of intuition and circumstances. First, I had Mexico in mind long time ago to visit. Second, I wanted to go to the caribbean sea. Third, I was looking for a place with nature and interesting things to do, at the same time, didn’t wanted to go to a big city or to a remote place, just something in the middle. Fourth, the first time I was in Tulum, during my travel through Mexico, I had this special feeling of «I would live here», and even I knew amazing places after this first visit, none of them gave me the same sensation, so I went back to Tulum and decided that I would stay and do the bet (this decision was the most difficult and transformed my life forever, for a better life).

How did I start?

I just sent email to all hotels and Yoga studios and Fitness centers I could find in a google search, presenting myself with a little resume and a link to my social media and websites, asking for an interview or chance to work there. Went knocking door by door, doing the same. Until someone gave me the chance to start, and then everything just went forward like a snowball.

Would I do this again?

Yes! Totally, but with some considerations and deeper goals in mind that just having the experience. Because is never enough, when you are a seeker, you discover that there is a part of you that only shines when you set foot out of your confort zone and do what you love. Its risky, its dangerous, its difficult, and lonely. But at the same time is one of the best experiences in life for you self steem, for your soul, for your personal and professional growth.

You see, I had in mind a dream. My dream was to have a carreer jump into an international public, use all the skills I got and learn new. Reach new people and add them into my life, not just as figures in the social media, but as a real human, doing real things. Not only locally, but globally.

My suggestions to you:

  1. Learn and use new languages. In Tulum, english is a must, because of the international audience. You have to be able to give classes in english and if you know more languages, they add up. When you contact possible places to work in, do it in english.
  2. Have a medical insurance, just in case. I had dengue and some infections due to street food, so is good that you consider this.
  3. Don’t be afraid. Nobody knows you, so consider yourself starting from zero and give yourself the chance to be who you are. There is nobody to impress. Be yourself, do what you love, show up and give your best.
  4. Consider the visa permits to stay in the country you are visiting and have the necessary money, to go out and come in again if you plan to stay longer. Also have a money reserve or a ticket to go back to your country just in case there is an emergency.
  5. Choose the right season. Places like Tulum in which many people go for vacations, has of course high and low season. If you are planning to go for the high season, expect to have a lot of competition, many other yoga, meditation and fitness teachers and alike, want to do the same. I started in the lower season, this made it a little easier to find a job, and if you focus on doing your work right, and in positive relationships with the bussiness owners, you can expect to have better oportunities for the high season.
  6. Enjoy it. You never know if this is going to be the last time you do something like this. The amount of things we can really put under our control is so few that really, don’t stress if things don’t go the way you planned. Just go with the flow, enjoy the ride and be literally like a sponge. Absorb all the experiences, into you, keep the beautiful and good people in your heart and of course your social media, and let go everything else.

In the end, the main actor and creator of your life is you. Follow your heart and intuition, it will serve you as a compass when you feel lonely or lost, avoiding trouble and dangers that may show up in your journey.

Be aware of some people, because not everything that shine is gold. Many people are waiting for persons with their heart open, to take some kind of advantage, so don’t loose yourself, remember who you are, your roots and the people who love you back in your country. Because you are going to be the ambassador of everyone and everything you learnt at home.

I wish that if you are reading this, to take the decision to jump out, DO IT, fearlessly and with love in your heart. Don’t travel to escape your reality, don’t explore the world with unresolved relationships and feelings. Do it because you are complete, and you feel ready to give your best out there. And if at any moment, you need someone to express or communicate your thoughts and feelings. You can write to me, I will be happy to answer.


Segundo video del Cenote, esta vez un salto desde lo alto!!

Publicado por Félix Fuenzalida en Domingo, 24 de junio de 2018

Why Yoga?

Some time ago I started practicing Yoga for various reasons. But every time I practiced, would let me with more hungry to learn more about this discipline. So just for having a deeper learning, decided to make a Teacher Training, in order to really get myself involved.

Of course there were more reasons than just curiosity, and later the practice and the teacher training process, opened new viewpoints of understanding, of myself and Yoga. In fact I never thought of myself on becoming a Yoga Teacher, but life and its constant flux, just made it happen, which resulted into a very deep gratification, being able to connect with other people in a completly different way, as I was used to do as a Fitness Coach. Also, the practice itself changed, not just by doing it for myself, but for sharing it to others, which gave me a rich feeling of gratitude.

The day I started to practice Yoga, was specifically for developing more flexibility. Because I was seeing that this was a big difficulty that interfered with my overall fitness training, my body was stiff, which was not really pleasent, and by following a good friend’s suggestion, in order to avoid future injuries, specially in the back area, I started by doing Sun Salutations (Suryanamaskar)everyday.

When you start working out and being more conscious about your own body, you start learning about your own anatomy, and you can discover that we are build through chains of systems that interact and connect to each other, in order to function correctly. Seems obvious, but normally we don’t have this kind of awareness when «moving», so by our own mistakes and lack of body-consciousness, and also because of bad coaching, we injury ourselves, and this may result into having to stop our training, depression and sometimes, having worst injuries, without turning back to a normal condition.

So, I started to practice Yoga, which was specifically about flexibility. But later, as my practice continued I discovered that it could also develop my strength and control over my own movements. And this really amazed me, because I was used to one kind of training, and this opened my eyes into a better understanding of my body and mind, strengths, weaknesses and new abilities like balance, inversions, etc.

Also I learnt new ways to move my body, that opened my creativity and connection to it. Suddenly, training was way beyond repetitions and progressions and weights, it was more about connecting, understanding, reaching, opening and closing, stretching, focusing not only in movement, but also in my breathing, my eyes, the intention of where and how I gaze, the rythm and speed. It started to become less about control and more about letting go, acceptance and self awareness.

My most precious thing I have been learning and developing is about being always in balance.

Because Yoga is about finding your center, and expand from and through it. And this can be applied to anything, like our job, relationships, food, fun, etc.

Of course what can you expect from a 5000 years old discipline? Non the less. But for me, Yoga, even if I wanted to practice it for physical aspects, was also a way to link the spiritual development together with the rest of my life, like putting together the puzzle.

And it was a good decision, because I learnt that originally, Yoga was created by ancient spiritual seekers to able their bodies endure long hours of meditation. Even in Buddhist text you can find evidence, that taking care of our physical condition was a priority in order to accomplish more advanced spiritual states.

This gave me other kind of motivation for my personal practice (Sadhana), and finally I felt that by following this path I could master myself in all areas, that as a world citizen from the XXI century, I look forward to accomplish, by creating a lifestyle of success and wisdom, happiness and consciousness.

From here on, I invite you to explore and find your way to develop as a complete human being. Why? Because is nice and fun. Because you will discover more about you than in any other activity our society has to offer.

One way to be in balance is to recover and practice the old knowledge that was left by our ancestors before us, while embracing the world we are creating today, finding the center in between technology and nature. Not for us, but for the good of our future generations.


3 Habilidades para el Éxito

Si bien podríamos hacer una larga lista de recursos, habilidades, conocimientos, etc para conseguir el éxito, de la índole que sea. Creo que hay 3 habilidades clave para conseguirlo. Y digo habilidades, por que no son simples características, sino que también son desarrollables por medio de la práctica correcta.

Lo primero es saber que significa el éxito para mí. Ya que sino, estaremos viviendo y cumpliendo el éxito que nos imponga nuestro jefe, nuestra familia o nuestro gobierno de turno. El éxito, es algo personal, se respira, se vive, como la sangre que corre por las venas, se siente como la tierra bajo los pies o como el calor del fuego en la piel. No es una meta, no es un destino, sino un estado y hasta no comprender esto, nunca lo alcanzaremos.

Ejercicio #1 – ¿Qué es el éxito para mí?

Escríbe en no más de 5 lineas lo que tu consideras que es el éxito en este momento de tu vida. Leelo en voz alta y siente tus propias palabras. Si es que logras sentir ese calor interior que te hace sentir exitoso, entonces eso es. Si no, entonces vuelve a intentarlo, inspírate antes de hacerlo.


La primera habilidad para el éxito es aprender a estar motivado. Sin importar que esté sucediendo a nuestro alrededor. Si permitimos que la negatividad nos domine, entonces no tendremos la fuerza para superar los desafíos que tengamos delante nuestro. Y para eso hay muchas maneras de hacerlo, cada uno debe ser capaz de despertar la Automotivación necesaria para seguir adelante, para despertarse temprano, para acostarse tarde, para esforzarse un poco más, etc.

Nadie más que tu es el responsable de hacer esto y sin importar como lo hagas, debes hacerlo, es tu compromiso y responsabilidad número 1. Nada ni nadie, ni tu mismo deben cohartar tu motivación. Más que darles recomendaciones de como hacerlo, quiero darles preguntas necesarias para esto.

Ejercicio #2 – ¿Para qué quiero tener éxito?

Preguntate para qué quieres hacerlo. Si no tienes una visión, si no tienes un sueño, si no tienes al menos la esencia del aroma que persigues, entonces como vas a mantenerlo cuando todo se ponga dificil y la vida te de vueltas de arriba para abajo. Las personas exitosas, son recordadas por que apesar de todo, mantuvieron su motivación, continuaron a pesar de sus dudas y a pesar de que todo el mundo les decía que no, que era imposible, que era pésima idea.


La persistencia es sin duda, la habilidad más importante para conseguir todo lo que queremos. Para ser ese que queremos ser. La persistencia es un arte, porque requiere de otras habilidades y actitudes, como el esfuerzo, la paciencia, la fluidez, la inteligencia y astucia para que a pesar de posibles dificultades u obstrucciones que se presenten en nuestro andar, sigamos con la disciplina que nos hemos propuesto. Exige tener motivación, tener visión, tener agallas para ir más allá de nuestra zona de confort, ir más allá de lo que nunca hemos ido. Adentrarnos profundamente en la experiencia pura, sin conocimiento y a pesar de eso, continuar, incansablemente.

La persistencia es una habilidad clave y así como la motivación, es responsabilidad personal, aprender a desarrollarla. Un músico o un deportista sin persistencia, nunca lograrán sus sueños. Un científico, un emprendedor o empresario o simplemente un niño que quiere un futuro mejor para su familia, sin persistencia, no llegarán al destino que buscan.

Esto lo sabemos, pero muy en el fondo, tenemos pereza, nos distraemos con facilidad, nos excusamos y dejamos para otro momento lo que podríamos estar haciendo hoy. Nos aterra ser nosotros mismos, afrontar la adversidad que sea y persistir. Nos acomodamos, buscamos seguridad y vivimos de fantasías, «si fuera millonario…», «si viviera en otro país…», «si tuviera una pareja que me apoyara…». Buscamos pretextos para dejarnos estar.

Ejercicio #3 – Encuentra el vehículo correcto

Si ya sabes en que quieres tener éxito y ya tienes la motivación para comenzar, crea un plan de acción en donde establezcas cuanto tiempo a la semana vas a dedicarle a esto. Por ejemplo si fuera hacer ejercicio o tocar un instrumento, define 2 o 3 sesiones de 1 hora a la semana y comprometete por al menos 3 meses cumplir al 100%. Si lo logras, entonces estarás un paso más adelante. Poco a poco irás desarrollando más tu persistencia, resiliencia, paciencia, fluidez, astucia e inteligencia. Aprenderás a mantenerte automotivado, ya que verás que cada día será diferente y necesitarás el esfuerzo para comenzar como si fuera la primera vez. Se flexible y firme, ya que aveces las circunstancias nos obligan a modificar el plan, pero no puede volverse esto una excusa para no hacerlo, pase lo que pase, cumple con tu meta semanal.

¿Que pasa si no lo logro?. Persiste. Verás que hay una gran diferencia entre «intentar» y «hacer». Mientras la primera palabra solo describe una intención, la segunda, describe la acción misma.


Consistencia – Excelencia

Dar lo mejor de sí. Competir sólo con uno mismo. Saber que hoy tengo la oportunidad de ser mejor que el yo de ayer. Buscar la impecabilidad en nuestras acciones. No hacer las cosas por deber, por necesidad. Hacerlo porque a pesar de que estemos haciendo y para quién, hacerlo lo mejor posible. Eso es lo que ha caracterizado a culturas como la Germana y la Japonesa en su búsqueda de la excelencia y podemos ver como los productos que disfrutamos de ambos países, así como su arte, arquitectura, música, literatura y poesía, son reconocidas en todo el mundo. Y esta búsqueda incensante, no de la perfección, sino de la honestidad y pasión máxima que un ser humano puede vertir en todo lo que hace, es lo que nos diferenciará, es lo que nos traerá reconocimiento, es lo que nos llevará al éxito.

No se trata sólo de tener motivación y persistencia, sino que también, tener ritmo, ser consistente, buscar siempre mejorar, no conformarnos. ¿Si no diste lo mejor de tí, entonces como sabrás si podrías haber tenido un resultado mejor?. Si te decides a hacer algo, ¿Para qué hacerlo más o menos, cuando podrías hacerlo lo mejor posible?, Si no vas a terminar lo que comenzaste, ¿Para qué entonces comenzaste?, ¿Sólo para darte cuenta que eso no era lo que querías?, Comenzar es tan importante como terminar. Cada vida tiene un ciclo, las oportunidades no se presentan 2 veces de la misma manera y con las mismas circunstancias. El momento que vives, es irrepetible, el «ahora» no volverá. Entonces ¿Qué vas a hacer?.

Ejercicio #4 – Se impecable

Los Budistas nos ofrecen su sabiduría y nos hablan de que existen 3 dimensiones del actuar humano. Pensamiento, Palabra y Cuerpo. Y ser impecable significa serlo, en estas 3 dimensiones. Eso nos lleva a la coherencia y por consiguente, encontramos reciprocidad. Logramos los resultados que tenemos de acuerdo al grado de impecabilidad que hay en estas 3 dimensiones. Toma cada decisión y cada acción desde tu pensamiento, desde tu palabra y desde tu cuerpo. Entonces no habrá división, no habrá incoherencia, muy por el contrario habrá unión y realización, por que a pesar de que esta acción no haya sido lo que en el fondo estabas buscando. Habremos ganado experiencia, y nos habremos empoderado como para tomar otra decisión y emprender cualquier otra acción.

Coaching para el éxito

Si lo que has leido te parece significativo, te parece coherente y quisieras dar un paso más allá, puedo ayudarte, con mis servicios de Coaching, para que aprendas más sobre el éxito, para que descubras qué es lo que significa para tí, para que te empoderes y te mantengas motivado y logres persistir el tiempo necesario, dando lo mejor de tí, y así consigas los resultados que realmente mereces, en cualquier ámbito de tu vida. Profesional, personal, emocional, intelectual o espiritual. Porque en la magnificencia del ser humano, podemos lograr lo que nos propongamos y devolverle al mundo, tood aquello que la vida nos ha dado a nosotros, para estar donde estamos.

Escríbeme a coach@felixfuenzalida.com o deja un comentario en esta página y te contestaré a la brevedad posible.

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