StrongYogi Online Program

StrongYogi Online Program


“Strength is a skill that comes from the spirit”, and it requires to be trained physically, emotionally and mentally. If you have physical strength, but your capacity to deal with relationships is weak, then you are not as complete as you could. If you are strong minded and disciplined but you are too materialistic and lacking of a deeper understand of your true self, you should as well train yourself to master inner strength. And if you feel that you want to win all those aspects of strength as a whole, then this program is just for you.

StrongYogi is a program that will help you get stronger in three levels; external, internal and the secret level. All of them cover a different aspect for the development of Strength and Consciousness.

The External level focuses on the physical aspect, it is a simple and easy to follow program to gain strength and control over your body using calisthenics. It is apt for all levels, from novices to advanced practitioners.

The Internal level focuses on emotional awareness and mental focus by using breathwork techniques. You will be able to deepen into your emotional aspect and bring clarity and focus, so you develop internal strength and balance.

The Secret level focuses on deep meditation and philosophy to widen your vision of who you are. It gives you the necessary tools to start the journey into meditation, build up positive habits and awaken into the consciousness of oneness.


  • Win physical strength and look better.
  • Empower your yoga and fitness practice.
  • Win awareness, control and balance of your emotions.
  • Live in a flowing state, ready for any change and challenges.
  • Win clarity and focus over your thoughts.
  • Learn deep philosophy to widen your self-knowledge.
  • Awaken your energy and consciousness.

This program is for

  • Yoga teachers and Fitness Coaches that want to boost their practice and teaching skills.
  • Entrepreneurs and creative people that want to enhance their energy and productivity.
  • Therapists and Coaches that need an integral practice to stay motivated and balanced.
  • Anyone that wants to develop strength and train to master themselves.

Start today the journey into self-mastery

Win physical, emotional and internal STRENGTH.

The best $97 dollars that you can invest in yourself.

StrongYogi Program has been made so you advance at you own pace with a series of pre-recorded videos to coach you into the process of gaining strength. It also includes a Coaching program to help you create from scratch your personal practice and build-up in a sustainable way the required habits to see the results in your real life with weekly assessments and monthly Q&A with your Coach.

External Aspect Training

  • Strength Training Basics
  • Strength Training Programming
  • Beginners & Intermediate Exercises
  • Vinyasa & compound movements
  • Apply strength Training to your Yoga practice
  • Simple Nutrition Must know

Internal Aspect Training

  • Basic pranayama practices
  • Deep pranayama practices
  • Emotional awareness scan
  • Emotional Release Method
  • Expression and emotional liberation
  • Emotional empowering

Secret Aspect Training

  • Mindfulness teachings & practice
  • Opening Perception into wisdom
  • Space, silence & stillness
  • Oneness state practice
  • Dealing with negativity
  • Buddhist philosophy teachings & practice

What else is included?


Lifetime access to the program


Access to private community


Free copy of «The Self-mastery guide»

Discover the true meaning of being strong