Are your habits making you stronger?

Have you ever gone to sleep thinking: «I skipped my workout, diet, meditation, studies again. I can’t take control over my body and thoughts, my emotions have a heavy weight over me, I wish I could rewire myself to change my life for good».

I know what is like when you have big challenges and responsibilities ahead and you are feeling angry, frustrated and overwhelmed because there is so much you would rather be doing with your life, but instead you are just unable to make a real change, days go by and you feel a constant pressure in between all the «ifs», «shoulds» and «musts».

Two enemies the Warrior have are, the Serpent of Inertia; making you feel incapable to take action and the Spider of Guilt; that poisons your dreams and power of will.

How do you awaken and build the inner strength to start moving and never let go again? How do you kill the serpent and the spider?

Join today and reclaim your power that lies within!


Are you ready to build: Determination, Perseverance, Resilience and Courage? The moment is now. The Warrior takes action to transform his life.

10 days challenge

You will start receiving for 10 days directly in your email practical exercises and simple strategies to empower yourself up with a 30 minutes workout and breathwork routine, surprise challenges and a daily dosage of motivation.

You will also get…

  • FREE PDF Ebook that will teach you the core habits every Warrior must build to improve his life.
  • PDF Worksheet with a workout and breathwork routine to practice daily.
  • 40 minutes Master Class to deepen your knowledge and experience with a better understanding and awareness.

You will experience

  • Renewed energy
  • Improved fitness
  • Emotional stability
  • Mental clarity
  • Elevated motivation
  • Empowerment
  • Ready to take a bigger step…

Join the Challenge and take action today!

«To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life» Chogyam Trungpa.



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