Win confidence and experience the results of your hard work!

The road to your success is paved by small daily actions

The Online Coaching Program is for people that want to have a consistent active lifestyle that prioritize their health, fitness and wellness, because they know that those are the foundations to have a balanced and happy life.

Is it hard to stay consistent with your training/practice?

Actually you would be surprised how many of us just struggle in a daily manner to keep a healthy routine that provides real transformation.

The reason?

Because either you don’t have a clear image of your goals, you lack a system that provides a daily structure or you just don’t want it, you say it but deep inside you already decided that you can’t or want to do it.

The solution?

Two words: Discipline & Accountability

The CORE of the Online Coaching Program

Many busy parents prefer an online coach because they can still get their training done even when having few “free moments” to train and limited or non equipment.


What do you want to accomplish? Stay in shape, build muscle, win flexibility and mobility, stress management… You decide your goals and I create your program!

Goal Tracking

Monthly check-ins to track your goals and improvements, challenges to level up your practice, 1-1 sessions to address and solve difficulties along the way.


Number of sessions, duration, travels. Home, gym or outdoor training. Equipment requirements, injuries or special conditions, specific skill training, etc.


Direct access on chat to your coach, community access to motivate each other and share your achievements, strategies to overcome self-sabotage.

Take action and make it happen!


  • Monthly Personalized Online Coaching
  • Weekly Accountability Checks
  • Direct contact through Whatsapp
  • Personalized Video Tutorials
  • Private Community Access


  • Save Time and Get results
  • Holistic Training Approach
  • No equipment or experience required
  • Train anywhere and anytime
  • Improve your health and performance

Who is this for?

  • Busy people who needs a program that fits in their daily/weekly routine.
  • Parents that are tired of being out of shape and need extra motivation and guidance.
  • Entrepreneurs and executives that travel and need a program that suits their lifestyle.

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How did I changed from laziness and weakness to feeling strong and persevering with my fitness and wellness?

One day I took the most important decision in my life. That was choosing fitness and wellness as a core activity. Although it was not an easy task because I needed to defeat my own lack of discipline and laziness.

I had to negotiate with my ego in order to start and choose the minimum acceptable amount of days to workout, those were 2 every week. The first 3 months were a fight of willpower, against bad habits, bad mindset, lack of energy, lack of external motivation, no gym, no coach. It was just me against myself.

I failed several times, but persevered. After the 4th month, things became easier, after a year it was already in me, but still struggled to keep on going. The difference was that the seed was already there and I could see the change (physical and mental).

From those days until today, my training routine has changed several times, from High Intensity workouts to Strength Training, Calisthenics, Yoga and Meditation. In the past 10 years I have been exploring different ways to move and increase my physical and mental capacities, always pushed by my passion and creativity.

People often asked me how to achieve something (weight loss, muscle gain, do a pushup, etc), but most of the time they didn’t have the real interest to commit and make it happen! So I decided to give my attention only to those that are truly committed, that even without having the best habits and many challenges in their life, they choose to be better.

If you are dead serious with your health and fitness and want to see real results, then this is for you. Your current “challenges” are there to make you prove how strong and flexible you can be. And I am here to give you all my support with my coaching and training experience.

Pick your best choice!

Do the 1% that the 99% are not doing!

Monthly Plan

$57 Euros

6 Months Plan

$297 Euros

*All programs can be adapted to your favorite workout place, Gym, Box, Street Park or the comfort of your home.

**All programs include nutritional guidance and meditation exercises to keep your mind sharp and relaxed.

***All programs will adapt to your schedules. Considering travels, vacations, heavy work weeks, etc.


How does it work?

After our first conversation and payment you will receive in a couple of days in your email inbox and Whatsapp/Telegram a PDF with your monthly plan which will have all the exercises and a planning according to your own needs, together with nutritional guidelines and motivational phrases to fire you up.

You will be able to chat with me through Whatsapp or Telegram every week to check in your practice, ask anything about the program, ask for video tutorials on specific exercises, etc.

Regardless I will be in touch once a week to be your accountability partner and Coach you through any process you may be at any given moment.

I understand that life has many up and downs and sometimes is good to have a positive friend that helps you to keep on going.

Do I need any previous experience?

Not at all. Anyway in our first conversation I will ask you about your background, existing health conditions and everything that may be of importance in order to make your program according to your own needs.

You will get access to a private video library with tutorials on all sort of exercises, from movement to meditation.

What if I don’t have the habit? Will it work for me?

Definitely yes! IF YOU DO THE WORK!

I created this service in order to help anyone to build the habits required, even if you are starting from 0, like me 10 years ago.

But is important to remember that there ain’t magic pills, we all need to put the work on and you know is the same for anything else.

What matters is that you show up to your training/practice. The keyword is “consistency” and I will give my best to help you attain it.

Does it include live classes?

Not at the moment. Even if live classes might serve for some purpose, not everyone has the same free time or even the same “hours” due to geographical differences.

Therefore I created this service to help you out, even if you can workout only 15 minutes a day or twice a week for one and a half hours.

Can I lose/gain body weight with this program?

If you put the work, yes! One big reason people want to start a training program, is because they want to see a physical transformation.

I always say, doing something is better than nothing, but this only works at the beginning, after we need to push harder and become more disciplined with our nutrition, sleep hours and what are we training for.

I like to think in 4 stages: First, we concentrate in building up the base habit. Second, we add small changes in the routine and push a little bit harder to strengthen our newly created habit. Third, we measure our results and act accordingly, push harder, keep with the same pace or relax a little bit. Fourth, once we reach our first goal, we define a new one and start all over by creating the new habits required to go through.

How long does it take to see physical changes?

This is very difficult to say or promess. I know many coaches do it, but I consider that this depends entirely on the level of commitment, the pre-existing health and fitness conditions.

Anyway, according to my own observations you will start seeing your first visible changes around the 4th to 6th month of consistent work.

Some changes take longer than others. For example building up new muscle takes way longer than losing fat. Some people lose their consistency after their first results and then rebound on old bad habits.

What you need to understand from day 1 is that regardless the physical goals that you may have, is that you need to transform your lifestyle, which means, to create new habits and destroy the old ones that kept you out of shape.

What you are starting today will stay with you for the rest of your life. So aim for goal that motivates your spirit and with training and good habits your body will change accordingly.

What is an Holistic Approach Training?

It means that for any kind of transformation that you are looking for, you will need to make important lifestyle changes.

It also means that I recognize that we are not only flesh and is important to develop everything up together, all of our “areas”.

As a Life Coach, as a Fitness and Movement Coach and as a Meditation and Yoga Teacher I will help you to undergo through any transformation and reach the goals that are important to your spirit, mind and body.

Are Meditation and Breathwork good for me?

Meditation and Breathwork are the last frontier for personal development. They are proven ways to enhance our Nervous and Endocrine System, together with so many other functions of the brain which lastly is traduced in happiness and peace.

As we grow older we understand that our physical training has to adapt to each stage of our life. But meditation is something to be practiced all our life, the younger we start the better.

Real inner strength, mental flexibility, openness, stress management, creativity are all built up when we have this sort of practices.

Surprisingly our relationship with the world and pairs is improved because we become more present, less neurotic and more patient and compassionate. We become a positive input in the life of the people we have around us.

Is this program good if I need to relieve stress?

One of the mayor reasons I created this service is that people need to destress and learn how to live better with their consciousness.

The necessity to control everything, the fear to lose what we own, or what we have built, or the people we love. The overwhelming amount of negativity in the TV and social media, together with a lack on the educational system to help people develop skills to know themselves better, are all a bad combination and civilizations from old knew it too.

Therefore we must learn how to destress, how to stay calm, how to attain inner peace, and perhaps, discover new frontiers that are hidden in our mind yet to be experienced.

Is the money reimbursed?

No. But as long as I am your coach I will be there to help you even if life puts you in a very challenging situation.

I have clients that after a break up, a job change or even under terrible circumstances like the death of a close one, they have understood that without their training, things would have been much worse.

When you really understand that the most fundamental aspects of your life can’t be delayed, you will win an inner strength that will help you to move mountains if needed.

Everyone can be positive and motivated when everything is good, but real warriors and heroes make the difference in their life when under heavy storms, they face their destiny and cling to their source of inner power to go through.

There are no impossible for a person that has the courage to act and so what is necessary. Being persistent is a key component for a positive and productive mindset.

Let’s talk about your goals and new habits that you wish to incorporate!

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