Make your everyday at work a better one

Win clarity, focus and the capacity to be stress free at your work environment with daily mindful practices that will change the way your coworkers feel and cooperate at your organization.

With 10 years experience in coaching individuals and organizations, I’ve been teaching people like you and your co-workers how to move and breath with mindfulness.

Keep your workplace stress free, improve positive communication and boost motivation with your team.

What can you expect?

My goal is to teach anyone in an easy and objective way what is mindfulness and how to practice it, together with movement practices to relax and strengthen the body and release all sort of negative emotions.

When coming to your office you can expect a friendly, professional teacher that knows how to connect with your people and coach them into various forms of meditation and movement.

Offer: What can you get?

  • Guided Meditation and Yoga Lessons
  • HIIT & Fitness Group Training
  • Breathwork Sessions
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Introductory Workshops
  • Stress Reduction Workshops
  • Positive Communication Skills Workshops
  • PNL Coaching
  • Wellness Week Events
  • Offsite & Corporate Retreats

All of our offerings can be held online using your preferred video conferencing software, including Zoom, GoogleMeet and WebEx.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese.

Every service is tailored for your organization and team requirements. Let’s start with a conversation about what you’re looking for, and how I can help. Email to get things starting!

Currently located at the French Riviera (Saint-Tropez) and open for initiatives abroad.


At Workplace: 150 euros / session (20% discount on annual plans).

Online: 100 euros / session (20% discount on annual plans).

Workshops & Events: 800 euros per day.

*Prices does not include travelling expenses.

With a number of clients from Europe and The Americas, I have been building constructive relationships with them through coaching experiences, helping them to perform better, win self-awareness, build a positive mindset and improve their health, fitness & wellness for their daily life.