The power to believe you can

What inspires me?

To live meaningfully, experience freedom and love.

I am passionate on how we can embark ourselves into the adventure of self-mastery and embrace total realization in those aspects of our life that we feel a call to build and share with others authentically. I believe in consciousness and change as the engine and fuel to create the life and the world we want and deserve.

Is never too late to start and today is the best day to do it.

About me

Hello my friend, I am Félix Fuenzalida, born in Chile on 1982. I am passionate, creative, explorer of the unknown, adventurer, initiated in the way of the warrior, spiritual seeker, entrepreneur, father, husband, brother and son.

From my childhood I demonstrated my curiosity and limitless imagination by looking for answers about what life is, what is our purpose and where do we go after death. This drove me to read about philosophy, religion and spirituality being very young.

During my twenties I decided to experiment life, getting lost and finding myself several times before having a clear understanding of my talents and motivations. During this confusing and fun part of my life I went into spiritual journeys with Shamans and Buddhist Monks, party hard and made plenty of mistakes. I had two moments which defined drastically how my life would evolve after; The moment I choose to love myself no matter what and the moment I decided to follow the way of the warrior, finding myself as never before.

Starting my thirties I took three important decisions. First I decided that physical activity had to be a fundamental part of my life. I went from being super thin (55 kg.) and lazy to almost 80 kg with a Fit body, self-motivated, disciplined and committed, breaking numerous negative habits and building physical and internal strength in the process.

Second I decided to become a professional Coach in order to help other people in their journey of self-realization. Dedicating my life in the service of others has given me happiness, a sense of belonging and purpose. Took several certifications on PNL, Life Coaching, CrossFit, Yoga and others. Changed my professional occupation from Webdesigner to Coach/Entrepreneur, creating my own network of clients, organizing retreats, workshops, weekly group classes and personal training.

Third I decided to live in other countries, to grow, discover knew places, different ways of living and connecting with multiple people around the world. So far have lived in Chile, Brazil, Mexico and France.

Today you can find me living in Saint-Tropez, France, where I give private yoga, meditation and fitness classes, and lately started my own Digital Agency to help entrepreneurs and small business to develop and grow. You can also become part of StrongYogi Academy where you will find online training and tutorials.

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