Purpose; the power to believe you can!

What inspires me?

To live meaningfully, experience freedom and love.

I am passionate on how we can embark ourselves into the adventure of self-mastery and embrace total realization in those aspects of our life that we feel a call to build and share with others authentically. I believe in consciousness and change as the engine and fuel to create the life and the world we want and deserve.

Is never too late to start and today is the best day to do it.

About me

Hello my friend, my name is Félix Fuenzalida, born in Chile in 1982. I help people that want to create profound changes in their life by coaching, movement and meditation.

I believe that the development of consciousness is the key to transform ourselves and the world we live in. Before social and family responsibilities there are the personal responsibilities from which we nurture our spirit, mind and body, and that consequently are going become the fruits that we can offer to our beloved and to our society.

Curiosity about life made me study different philosophies and explore disciplines and sports, but it wasn’t until I was 30 years old, that I decided to take things to the next level and work as a Life Coach to submerge myself completely into the lifestyle that I felt it was the right for me.

The reasons I chose coaching, movement and meditation as the pillars of my lifestyle and my professional career are simple and evident.

Through meditation we can learn to unlock our true potential, take control over our minds and discover a whole world of possibilities.

Movement not only help us to stay healthy and fit, it is the engine that moves the rest of our life. Personally, I was able to transform myself physically and mentally, it taught me discipline and patience.

Coaching is an incredible tool to win awareness and purpose to our daily life, work with goals and move through the ups and downs of life with the right mindset.

I invite you to discover more about these practices with me. Send me a Direct Message through any of the communication channels and I will be happy to share with you everything I know to transform anyone’s life for good!

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